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Success on Paper - Brett Blumenthal, Watercolor Artist

Welcome to Success on Paper, our series highlighting businesses from around the country with at least one thing in common: Red River Paper. From architectural firms to printing retailers, companies that depend on impeccable paper quality and creative customer service are relying on RRP to help them present their work in beautiful, compelling ways.

Next up in the series: Watercolor Artist Brett Blumenthal.

Menagerie of Whimsy

Becoming a mother isn't always the most convenient time to launch a business. But for Brett Blumenthal, creating art for her son’s nursery led to sharing her artistic talent — and her love for nature — with others. “My hope is to connect humans to other species and to inspire them to go and see the world.” Her painting titled “The Nest” (featured below) is extra special to her. She was visiting some Florida wetlands and was enthralled by male and female Blue Herons collaborating to construct their twiggy home. Her mom-and-baby-animal series is a hit among her customers, perhaps because they capture the emotion between parent and child.

Enter Red River Paper

Because Brett uses 100% cotton paper for all her original art, she says that for her prints, it makes sense to use our Aurora White 300gsm, made of 100% cotton rag content. “I love this paper because it gives my prints an ‘original painting’ feel,” says Brett. “I also love that it is 100% cotton, which makes it a sustainable, renewable option.” She also gives us credit for helping build her business — something we aim for with every customer.

“The Nest,” painted from Brett’s own photograph while visiting the Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Florida.

See More of Brett’s Work

On Brett’s website, Tiny Toes Design, you can peruse her work by theme, occasion, or room. Themes have broadened beyond animals to include everything from space/science, transportation, and botanicals to educational posters that teach kids their ABCs and 123s via illustrations of furry, winged, and underwater creatures. Her Instagram feed shares watercolor tips, interactive polls, and even an inside look at how she painted a mama and baby sea turtle (6/20/23 post). For insights into Brett’s mission-based business model and the art of listening to customers, read our Q&A below.

“Mom and Baby Humpback Whales,” painted with a wet-on-wet technique.

Enjoy our Q&A with Watercolor Artist Brett Blumenthal…

What year was your business founded and how did you get started?
It started when I was pregnant with my son in 2013. I dared to paint his nursery art, and from there the art business began.

What makes your business unique?
I'm mission based, giving back a minimum of 10% of profits to wildlife and environmental conservation and animal welfare.

Where do you source your raw materials from?
Red River Paper! I also use watercolor paper and paints.

Who are your typical customers?
My business started out selling to new moms and moms of little ones. I now sell to all types of customers. I especially have gained interest from people who are outdoorsy and love nature.

What has Red River Paper done for your business? Is there a particular challenge Red River Paper has helped you overcome or a goal they helped you meet?
It has been instrumental in allowing me to build an art business. They helped me find an economical way to share my art with the world. ALL of my prints are printed using Aurora White 300gsm. I love this paper because it gives my prints an "original painting" feel. I also love that it is 100% cotton, which makes it a sustainable, renewable option. Further, since I paint with watercolors, and use 100% cotton paper for my originals, it is only appropriate to continue with that for my prints.

What do you appreciate most about Red River Paper's products/services?
I love that they listen to their customers and are highly customer service driven. I used to use Aurora White 250 and had complaints about the residue and imperfections in the paper. With the introduction of the Aurora White 300 papers, the problem has been solved.

Do you have any future growth or product launch or event goals you’d like to share?
I'm always creating new artwork and love sharing it with the world. I have an exhibit coming up at “Festival in the Park” in Freedom Park, Charlotte, North Carolina, September 22-24, 2023.

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Last updated August 24, 2023

Original Publication Date: August 28, 2023

Article Last updated: June 20, 2024

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