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Success on Paper - Debbie Mouser, Greeting Card Artist

Welcome to Success on Paper, our series highlighting businesses from around the country with at least one thing in common: Red River Paper. From architectural firms to printing retailers, companies that depend on impeccable paper quality and creative customer service are relying on RRP to help them present their work in beautiful, compelling ways.

Next up in the series: Want a quality paper that your customers rave about? And customer service that helps you solve problems? Discover how greeting card artist Debbie Mouser found both.

Greetings From Debbie

Inspired by her mother-in-law, Debbie Mouser began drawing greeting cards to send to friends and family. Her hobby soon became an Etsy shop where the Henderson, Tennessee, artist creates and sells Scripture note cards, holiday note cards, music note cards, wall art, and more.

Enter Red River Paper

“The quality of the paper is one thing that sets my work apart,” says Debbie, who tried Red River Paper on the recommendation of an artist she met at a fair in Michigan. She has been ordering our Paper Canvas and River Linen Greeting Cardstock ever since.

When Debbie had trouble feeding paper through her printer, the printer manufacturer suggested she change paper. Fortunately, she called us for a second opinion.

Since her paper is unique to her product, Debbie wished to continue using it. "I contacted Red River, and they sent me instructions on how to clean the printer so the paper would feed correctly," Debbie recounts. "It worked perfectly!"

Debbie’s preferred papers have contributed to her customers’ satisfaction. Made of pure alpha cellulose, our River Linens Greeting Cardstock adds just the right texture to images without distracting from the details. When printed, the paper has the ideal amount of sheen, making it a great choice for note cards, portraits, portfolios, and other inkjet printing projects.

Our Paper Canvas, which Debbie uses for her art prints, is a matte photo paper with a subtle, canvas-like texture. The photo matte coating is the highest quality, suitable for dye and pigment inks, while the back is plain so you can print text and light graphics on the reverse side.

One of Debbie’s customers has this to say about the Scripture card sets she received: “They are gorgeous. Colors are bright and beautiful. Paper is thick and textured.” We’re thrilled to be part of Debbie’s success!

See More of Debbie’s Work

Peruse Debbie’s Scripture cards and greeting cards — including Thanksgiving and Christmas themes — at her Etsy shop, Debbie Joyful Designs. Check out her Instagram for photos and videos of her work, plus the occasional shout-out to her carpenter-husband, who creates the wooden stands that display her cards (see 5/15/20 post). For a closer look at her story, enjoy our Q&A with Debbie below.

Scripture card set with wooden stand.
Scripture card set with wooden stand.
Debbie’s line extension: art prints meant to be framed.
Debbie’s line extension: art prints meant to be framed.

Enjoy our Q&A with Artist Debbie Mouser…

What year was your business founded and how did you get started?
My business began in 2021, the year I married into the Mouser family. I quickly discovered that my mother-in-law was known for sending cards to everyone she knew. She especially loved to send cards to the sick and homebound people from her church. When she passed away, we heard over and over about what an impact her cards had made. When the pandemic hit, I started drawing cards to send to my family. My children encouraged me to create an Etsy business, and it has grown from there. Shortly after opening my shop, we were on vacation in Michigan, and I met a man selling his art and greeting cards at a craft fair. I started asking questions about his equipment and supplies, and he said to check out Red River Paper. I did and have been grateful for that advice!!

Tell us a little about what product or service your business offers.
I sell Scripture card sets, which are displayed on wooden stands, and greeting cards. I have recently added art prints. I offer custom work for people who need a card for a specific occasion. These have included corporate Christmas cards, wedding thank-you notes, Scripture sets for baby dedications, etc.

What makes your business unique?
My business has evolved from greeting cards to include Scripture cards displayed on a wooden stand. All the artwork is my own, and my husband makes the wooden stands. The quality of the paper is one thing that sets my work apart.

In what ways does the business reflect your own personality?
I love helping fulfill a specific need by creating a product my customers can’t buy just anywhere. I studied to be a pianist, so I use a lot of musical designs on my greeting cards in addition to the floral designs on my Scripture cards.

What is the most interesting project you’ve encountered in the course of your work?
A friend contacted me about a high school graduation gift for her granddaughter. She asked her church friends for their favorite Bible verses, and I made a set of Scripture cards, including the names of the contributors.

What has Red River Paper done for your business? Is there a particular challenge Red River Paper has helped you overcome or a goal they helped you meet?
I recently had an issue with getting paper to feed through my printer. I contacted the printer manufacturer, who recommended changing the paper. Since the paper I use is unique to my product, I wanted to continue using my Paper Canvas and River Linen paper. I contacted Red River, and they sent me instructions on how to clean the printer so the paper would feed correctly. It worked perfectly!

What do you appreciate most about Red River Paper's products/services?
Red River has gone above and beyond to help me with printing issues. They recommended what printers to use and how to set everything up to get the results I wanted. Many of the reviewers in my Etsy shop rave about the quality of the paper.

All artwork and/or photographs used in this post are subject to copyright held by the featured artist.

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Last updated October 13, 2023

Original Publication Date: October 17, 2023

Article Last updated: October 17, 2023

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