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Success on Paper: Ron E. Gross, Photographer & Digital Artist

Can one small change make a big difference in your business?

Learn how Ron E. Gross added our metallic papers to his offerings — and sales skyrocketed.

Paradise in Full Color

Originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania, freelance photographer Ron E. Gross isn’t just enjoying his adopted home of Naples, Florida — he’s earning a living celebrating his tropical terrain. Each of his unique, colorful artworks begins as a photograph and morphs into abstract realism thanks to Ron’s skills with digital tools, including some AI. His local Naples landscapes are especially popular with visiting tourists.

Enter Red River Paper

Ron’s business, Magikheart, was doing well. Then he found next-level success. “The game changer for me was discovering Red River’s metallic paper. Sales increased by over 100%!” One of his go-to options is our Polar Luster Metallic 255. Closely matching the look of photo lab metallic prints, this paper offers an elegant luster finish on a pearlescent base stock. Another of Ron’s favorites is our Polar Gloss Metallic 255, featuring the same pearlescent base stock topped with an opulent high-gloss finish. Both choices give images a luminous quality that makes artwork pop off the page. (Fun Fact: Red River Paper was the first to introduce metallic inkjet paper to the market in 2010.)

See More of Ron’s Work

From parrots to piers and mandolas to mermaids, Ron’s website is an explosion of color and testimony to his creativity. If you’re visiting Naples, Florida, you can see his art at The Naples Gallery at Tin City on 5th Avenue and various other galleries. You can also meet Ron in person on Saturdays at the Vanderbilt Galleria Farmer’s Market in Naples.

Enjoy our Q&A with Ron E. Gross…

What year was your business founded and how did you get started?

In 2021, I was a freelance photographer taking pictures of local Southwest Florida historical locations, landscapes, birds, and other local animals. I started offering my photography as 8” x 10” professional prints developed by a local drugstore along with canvas productions. I started selling on Nextdoor and Facebook Marketplace with some luck.

Tell us a little about what product or service your business offers.

I sell digitally enhanced photographs in various mediums: canvas, acrylic, wood, even murals and puzzles.

What makes your business unique?

My uniqueness is that I take my freelance pictures and turn them into creative artworks by using various digital apps and even some AI. My artworks are very colorful and vibrant, and the metallic paper truly brings out the colors and makes them look illuminated!

Where do you source your raw materials from?

Red River Papers and Discount Canvas out of Miami.

In what ways does the business reflect your own personality?

I am an outgoing person with a positive spirit, which, hopefully, comes through in my artworks. Thousands of positive feedback posts on social media lead me to believe that my creations reach viewers’ souls.

Who are your typical customers?

All ages buy my art, but local landscapes sell best to tourists visiting our Naples paradise.

What is the most interesting project you've encountered in the course of your work?

I had a client who had taken a picture of her cat hugging a Buddha statue. She wanted me to create an artistic version of the photo. It was very challenging, but she loved the finished look.

What has Red River Paper done for your business? Is there a particular challenge Red River Paper helped you overcome or a goal they helped you meet?

The game changer for me was discovering Red River's metallic paper. Sales increased by over 100%! Undoubtedly, the metallic paper has been a true blessing, helping take my photo art to a museum-quality level. I'm researching another printer to make larger metallic prints to increase sales. Also, I was fortunate to get my prints into a local popular tourist gallery in Naples, Florida.

What do you appreciate most about Red River Paper's products/services?

Red River Paper's customer service. Your delivery and quality of papers is second to none! A very professional company in all aspects of business operations.

Do you have any future growth or product launch or event goals you’d like to share?

I want to expand my photo art to more gift shops and do more local charity events. I donate 10% of my sales profits to local charities. Next year's WolfFest, sponsored by the Shy Wolf Sanctuary, is one of the biggest events. At this year's festival, all 20 of my Wolf Metallic Art Prints sold in one hour, and 100% of all sales were donated to their worthy cause!

Is there a special story or testimonial from one of your customers you'd like to share?

“Your artwork is magical!” “You are the master of color!”

Original Publication Date: March 18, 2024

Article Last updated: March 18, 2024

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