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Kodak's Coloramas Still Resonate 30 Years Later

By Arthur H. Bleich— Kodak had come up with a new line of small cameras and wanted to sell lots of them along with its newer, faster, color print film. A perfect storm for a more

Back To Basics: Quick ‘n Easy Print Framing!

By Peter E. Randall— Based on nearly sixty years of experience, I believe there are two major elements to photography. First step, making of an image. Second step, to display the more

Collect Iconic Photos For Fun and Profit

By Albert Chi— Viewing classic and contemporary photos at auction houses can be a fascinating pastime. Enjoy looking at a range of work from the beginning of photography to the more

Your Scanner Invites You to Create Exquisite Images

by Janet Dwyer— Often people who see my exhibition prints are floored by the larger than life detail, then stunned when told my ‘camera’ is a scanner. Learn more

Trifecta of Photo Workshops: Polar Bears, Tornados & Rock Stars

By Albert Chi— Photo workshops with pros. Great experience & fantastic more

Asus 24″ Monitor: Perfect Color for Perfect Prints

By Arthur H. Bleich— Images must display accurately on your monitor. The 24” Asus PA248QV allows you to do just that; in fact, it out-performs many monitors costing a lot more
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Our National Parks Odyssey: Time Marches On

By Andrew R. Slaton— Open country captures my imagination. First I see, and next, the overwhelming desire arises to wander through it. To explore. To know it. It’s about being & being more

How Two of My Images Grew Into a 55-foot-wide Mural

By Christine Pentecost— An auto dealership was looking for a huge photo panorama, 55 feet wide by 6 feet high of the Bridger Mountains to hang in their showroom. How I did more

Kah-Wai Lin: Fine Arts Landscape Images

by Arthur H. Bleich— Five years ago, Dr. Kah-Wai-Lin, 38, changed the course of his life dramatically. From bringing his scientific "mind and methods" to his creative more

Documenting Maine’s Penobscot River Wilderness. Part 2

By Zac Durant— The first half of my trip was leisurely paced down the West Branch of the Penobscot and I had time to enjoy and photograph much of the river’s wildlife. Then? more

Documenting Maine’s Penobscot River Wilderness. Part 1

By Zac Durant— The fierce intensity of the wind had carried my canoe out to the middle of the huge lake, where white caps were threatening to capsize it. Next? more

46 Photogs + 3 Years = 10,000 Images of NH

By Peter E. Randall— Documenting life in New Hampshire? It takes forty-six photographers, a three-year shoot, and that results in a full color hardbound more
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Favorite Photo Places: Carlsbad Caverns, NM

By Lon Shelton & Ron Wolfe— Beneath the prickly pear and cholla cactus of the Chihuahuan desert in southeast New Mexico lies a spectacular treasure. Carlsbad Caverns National Park – a complex of 117 caves including the largest accessible cave chamber on our continent– dazzles visitors with its magnificence, its cathedral-like silence, and the more

Nikola Olic: Dominates Tall Buildings With A Single Lens!

By Albert Chi— Nikola Olic is a lover of photography– a quintessential “amateur” in the classical sense of the word. He’s free to exercise his artistic vision any way he chooses without restraints of time or client demands. “I was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia,” says Olic, now 47, “and came to the more

Baron Wolman, Iconic Rock Photographer, Dies at 83

By Tony Bonanno— Baron Wolman died peacefully on November 2, 2020 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was 83. I feel privileged to have been able to call him a good friend for almost two decades. Baron was Rolling Stone magazine’s first photographer and actually had a major role in getting the unique rock more

How Photography Helped Save My Life

By Michael Blanchard— I was arrested in February 2010 in Maine for drunk driving while attempting to drive to Boston to talk to my wife and try to repair the damage from our constant fights. I was the COO at a company in Maine and my wife was living in the city. She was more

Get Your Creative Mojo Back… It’s In The Cards!

By Christine Pentecost— I don’t think I have to explain why I’ve had a hard time feeling creative over the past 11 months. As a photographer, I would usually carry the camera with me in my car wherever I went. Once things started closing down and when, one by one, all my art shows more

Paul Chaplo: Flyin’ High Over The Texas Plains

By Arthur H. Bleich— Paul Chaplo, 62, is a “a photographers photographer.” His technique is flawless and his clients, mostly commercial biggies in and around Texas, not only love his work, but love working with him. He  holds  a Master of Fine Arts Photography degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and leaves nothing to chance, more