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How Selfies Conquered My Inner Demons. Part 2

I’ve sometimes been asked why not look into a mirror instead of going to the trouble of posing, shooting an image and then viewing a print,? Wouldn’t that be easier than going through all that time and trouble?  My answer more

Success on Paper - Dave Garbot, Illustrator

Wish you could print your artwork in your studio, but don’t know where to begin? Dave Garbot got his start with Red River Paper — and hasn’t looked more

Success on Paper - Debbie Mouser, Greeting Card Artist

Want a quality paper that your customers rave about? And customer service that helps you solve problems? Discover how greeting card artist Debbie Mouser found both in the latest “Success on Paper” blog more

Printer Drivers: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

You have a computer. You have a printer. Isn’t that all the tech you need to share and sell your work in your shop, on Etsy, or in galleries? Not more

Success on Paper - Sandra Freeman, Artist

In 2007, Sandra Freeman decided to go from art collector to art creator. See how this Dallas native quickly mastered photography, painting, and stitchery — and how Red River Paper has what she needs to bring it all more

Success on Paper - Sarah Lewis, Watercolor Artist

Although she never intended to start a business, this Maryland watercolor artist specializing in wedding invitations is crushing it with creativity and big thinking. Sarah Lewis is definitely “one to watch”! See how Red River Paper helps Sarah marry art and more
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How Selfies Conquered My Inner Demons. Part 1

Kath Chapman reveals how the power of selfies can give photographers, artists and others a big creative more

Success on Paper - Brett Blumenthal, Watercolor Artist

Becoming a mother isn't always the most convenient time to launch a business. But for Brett Blumenthal, creating art for her son’s nursery led to sharing her artistic talent — and her love for more

Success on Paper - Jeffrey Stoner, Photographer

Once a business executive, with a lifelong passion for photography, Jeffrey Stoner now applies his work ethic to capturing beautiful photographs of steam locomotives and mountain more

Success on Paper - Lynn Goldsmith Rocks the Photography World

From Elton John to Miley Cyrus, Lynn Goldsmith has built a reputation as a photographer to the rock stars. “I don’t take pictures, I make them” more

Shooting Environmental Portraits: Back to Basics

An environmental portrait ties your subjects to their occupations or interests while focusing on direct eye contact that mirrors the soul of the subject and defines them in a unique visual more

Russell Lee: New Mexico Homesteaders in Pie Town

Russell Lee photo documented Homesteaders in Pie Town. Documenting adversity, he also relished shooting the good times that hard times spawn, showing the indomitable American more
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Revealed! The Secret Life of Your Inkjet Printer

To get the most out of your inkjet printer it helps to understand exactly how your printer technology, ink, and paper work together to capture the right settings for the perfect more

Tricks, Hacks, Super Apps and More

Summer is upon us once again and here are some tips and product snippets to help you get back into the swing of things. Let's talk mice, monitors, ink, light, calibration and more

Satin Paper vs Matte: Differences & When To Choose Each One

Satin and matte finishes each possess distinctive characteristics and benefits, presenting both emerging and experienced photographers with a sometimes-challenging more

Josef Hoflehner: Images of Frozen History

Josef Hoflehner, one of the world’s renowned fine arts photographers, journeyed thousands of miles to photograph that penguin where explorers up and left everything as it more

Bill Frakes’ Nebraska: Wide Open Spaces, Classic Faces

Bill Frakes, with a passion for place and a relationship to nature developed over a lifetime, documents a photographic essay to create the Nebraska Project adding to it more

ProTalk: David Bergman On Using Remote Cameras

David Bergman says Photographically, it would be easy to fall into a rut and make similar images at every show. To combat this, I challenge myself to come up with new ways to more