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Photo History: Willi Ruge’s Fall to Fame

A 39-year-old German photographer, with 20 years experience in photography, carried with him a bulky camera and was probably the world’s first parachutist to document his own more

UK’s Best of the Year Landscape Image Collection

Reviewer Albert Chi— Collection 14 Landscape Photographer of the Year offers stunning images with behind the scenes, personal comment & technical more

Predicting Print Longevity; It’s Still Tricky

By Albert Chi— When inkjet printers began to output serious works of art, longevity became important. Who knew how long those images would last? Factors affecting more

Digital Nostalgia: The Little Photo Engine That Couldn’t

by Arthur H. Bleich— More than 23 years ago I came across this article I wrote at the start of the digital camera revolution about one of the first, which you may find more

Shooting Super Images On Your Next Flight-Part 2

By Arthur H. Bleich— You’re in your hard-won window seat and have finished cleaning the window. This a good time to turn off the Autofocus feature on your camera. Set the focus to more

Shooting Super Images On Your Next Flight–Part 1

By Arthur H. Bleich— Let’s face it. It’s no fun to fly today. Start making lemonade from those lemons and there’s no better way to do it than with your camera. My more
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Pricey Cameras Don’t Make Better Photos

By Albert Chi— Dentist, "How important is the equipment you buy?" He knew I was a professional photographer but was not expecting the answer I gave him, which was: Not that more

Movie Backdrop Art Will Blow Your Mind!

By Arthur H. Bleich— Comparing painted backdrop art to photographic backgrounds which are used in productions today, they light better and you can interpret the more

Favorite Photo Places: The Black Hills of South Dakota

By Will Keener and Ron Wolfe— There are many great places to photograph in the Black Hills region: Badlands National Park, Custer State Park, and Spearfish Canyon, & more

Levison Wood: Photo Encounters With Strangers

by Levison Wood— For me, every single picture conjures a memory of an individual, a family or a whole community, and the stories that they shared with me. Moments in more

Our National Parks Odyssey: Renaissance, Part Two

by Andrew Slaton— Part 2 of 2. 02/18/22. Looking back and reflecting on the beautiful memories, to see how far we’ve come, and to renew our resolve. We now have a more

Our National Parks Odyssey: Renaissance, Part One

by Andrew Slaton— Part 1 of 2. 01/19/22. Six full years of living as nomads. So many places feel like home these days, it’s hard to decipher what home really means more
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Back to Basics: Photographing Events

By Albert Chi— Winter has officially ended, and a plethora of events are going to take place this spring, summer and fall. Great potential for some great images. Some more

Success on Paper: Story #1 Red River Paper Brings History to Life

Architectural firms to printing retailers depend on impeccable paper quality and creative customer service, so they rely on more

Isaac Wright: Stunning Cityscapes From On High

By Arthur H. Bleich— U. S. Army Sgt. Isaac Wright, stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC. he retired and documented cities from tops of buildings, bridges, and other structures with his more

Make Spectacular Reflection-Free Framed Prints

By Al Warfield– After you’ve gone to the effort of taking the perfect shot, making the perfect print, and choosing the perfect frame, why spoil your image by framing it under glass? more

Favorite Photo Locations: The Oregon Coast

FLASHBACK – Originally posted 2/18 By Laurie Excell Some of the most beautiful coastline in all America is just a short, ninety-minute drive from Portland, Oregon and more

Print Greeting and Note Cards for Profit. Part 2

by Christine Pentecost— Creating quality note cards  for sales at retail stores can pay off for you. Just follow my advice and you’ll be on the way. Now let’s go into what customers more