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Back to Basics: The Power of Light

By Suzanne D. Williams— Light is the key element in every photograph and having an understanding of it is essential to becoming a good photographer. Relying on your camera’s automatic settings will at some point become a hindrance because these settings can be misleading. The camera does not always make the correct choice. Instead, you, more

Nina Katchadourian: Photo Artistry at 36,000 Feet

By Arthur H. Bleich— It’s 2011. On a jumbo jet 36,000 feet over the Pacific headed for New Zealand, night has fallen, the cabin lights are  dimmed and most of the passengers have dozed off.  Nina Katchadourian  slips quietly out of her aisle seat, cellphone in hand, and makes her way down the aisle more

Use Lockdown Time To Sharpen Your Photo Skills

By Arthur H. Bleich— “These are times that try men’s souls.  That’s what Thomas Paine wrote in 1776, after our country severed its ties with England. Now, 244 years later, we’re facing  a similar challenge with most of the country in mandatory lockdown. Although confinement to quarters can be frustrating and time seems to more

Here comes the sun…and Solarcan’s ready to grab it!

By Albert Chi— Many strange-looking cameras have been produced but Solarcan may be the weirdest, yet. And, certainly, what it’s made to do gives it a leg up on all the others. Basically, it’s a pinhole camera with a twist (curved to be more exact), made to record the transit of the Sun, for more

Jules Aarons: Mind of a Scientist, Eye of an Artist

by Arthur H. Bleich— By day Jules Aarons worked as an astrophysicist, unraveling mysteries of celestial communications; weekends he roamed Boston’s West End, photographing its vibrant street life; nights found him in the darkroom, transforming his images into works of art. When he died in 2008, at 87, Aarons had made his mark; both more

Texture, Deckle and Float Your Flower Images!

By Christine Pentecost— Living in Montana, where the winters are  long, I decided to give myself a photographic challenge, so I could enjoy my flowers year round. I wanted to photograph fresh bouquets of flowers, but in a way that I could have unique backgrounds, which could easily be changed.  I also wanted a more
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Vacation With An Artist; It Could Change Your Life!

    By Albert Chi— If you crave something new and unusual for your overseas vacation this year, why not consider spending some time with a master artist, photographer or other creative artisan in the country of your choice? Vacation With An Artist (VAWAA) can connect you with about a hundred of them in more

Jason Ware: Deep Space Images In A Cosmic Arena

By Arthur H. Bleich— Thirty years ago, Jason Ware’s wife gave him a simple telescope as a Christmas gift, kindling a passionate love affair with the stars that has never faltered. Today, at 58, he’s still enamored with the night sky and the photographic exploration of deep space. He’s very good at it– his more

Our National Parks Odyssey: Metamorphosis, Part 2

by Andrew Slaton— As Wyoming’s towering mountains began to thaw, we hit our stride, spending more and more time apart, fully immersed in our new endeavor as business managers. We found our rhythm and dialed in each of our roles. I was the mechanic and extra driver, as well as the company’s web developer. more

Our National Parks Odyssey: Metamorphosis, Part 1

By Andrew Slaton— I’ve learned that stagnation often seems to be the natural state of humanity. But this is not how people thrive… it is merely how one survives. And Ellen and I need change. Dallas in December is a crap shoot. For many reasons, really. First, the weather is often all over the more

Photographing a World Within a World

by Joshua Haruni— As a photojournalist, I became curious about the resurgence of the “Practical Kabbalah” amongst mainstream Israeli Jews and was intrigued as to why, at the end of the 20th century, educated people with full access to modern medicine, technology, the law and democracy were turning to religious scholars and ascetics for more

Favorite Photo Places: Hot Air Balloon Festivals

By Will Keener and Ron Wolfe— It’s hard to imagine an event that could provide more colors, shapes, characters, configurations, and downright joy to photographers than a hot-air balloon festival. The kaleidoscope of color and the interaction of the setting, the viewers, the balloons and their crews make for a stunning variety of possibilities. more
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A Rock Photographer’s Tribute to Jimi Hendrix

By Baron Wolman— In April 1967, my life changed unexpectedly, and for the better, when I met Jann Wenner—a then twenty-one-year-old freelance writer and student at the University of California, Berkeley. I had been photographing bands for a while in the Bay Area, when Wenner told me of his plans to start a new more

Unique Frames Give Images Extra Pop

By Arthur H. Bleich— Frames are fantastic for making your images stand out, but rather than going for traditional plain ones, here are some unusual options (and the stories behind them) to make your pictures shine. We’ve even obtained some special deals just for Red River Paper blog readers should you be interested in more

12,000 Free “Roadside America” Images

         By Albert Chi — Tooling along in a spiffy, rented Cadillac, John Margolies, architectural critic, author and photographer would take off on months-long road trips throughout America along with his Canon FT, a 50mm lens and a trunkfull of ASA 25 Kodachrome film. It was the 1970s and the new interstate more

Keeping The Faith: Empty Sky Project

By Steve Simon— Faith is an element of my photography that continues to surface in my work, not only in the stories I choose to pursue, but also in my philosophy and approach to shooting. What happened to me with my project Empty Sky: The Pilgrimage to Ground Zero was an exercise in faith more

Photographing the White Horses of the Camargue

By Tony Bonanno— I’ve photographed horses for many years– quarter horses on western ranches, grand prix jumpers, rodeo horses and wild roaming Spanish Mustangs, but none have intrigued me more than the White Horses of the Camargue in the South of France. I’d never heard of them until about five years ago when I more

Miyako Koumura: Capturing Japan’s Flowers For Posterity

By Arthur H. Bleich— It’s midnight in a small town west of Tokyo and almost everyone’s asleep except for Miyako Koumura who’s loading her photo equipment into an old, silver-gray Honda Fit (her economical and reliable companion, she calls it), preparing to set out for Chuzenji Lake in Nikko National Park, about a three-hour more