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Photographer's Guide to Four Corners USA - Part 1

Photograph 70 Million Years of History at Four Corners, USA - Part 1

Much more than a survey marker where four states come together, the Four Corners region in the southwest U.S. is a reminder of how old our planet is. The wind and water have revealed its very bones and a visitor can feel the spirit of the ancient ones who lived here in centuries past.

Guide to Cardstock and Its Uses

When your artwork needs a sturdy yet beautiful foundation, cardstock can save the day! Learn what you can do with this versatile, durable paper.

Tips For Great Summertime Photos

t shouldn’t surprise you that more photos are shot during the summer months than at any other time of year. The weather is great, the sun shines more and that gets photographers in the mood to get outside and, hopefully, make some great images. But it also means that more bad images are made. To avoid that, here’s some advice that will tip the scales in your favor and elevate your images from ho-hum to wow. Let’s begin.

Must-Have Scrapbooking Supplies List

We highly recommend scrapbooking as a fun way to express yourself and preserve memories. But before you start, consult our must-have supplies list.

How to Color Calibrate Your Prints to Your Monitor

You may think think your monitor is accurately displaying the exact colors that are in your image file, but it may not, leading to prints with disturbing color casts. Here's how to fix that problem.

How to Print Postcards at Home

Printing postcards at home is a delightful way to share memories, create personalized invitations, or even design promotional materials for your small business.

Success on Paper: Danny Izzo, Photographer

Marching bands and Mardi Gras krewes are a unique portrait niche that require a distinct solution for prints. See how we helped Louisiana-based photographer Danny Izzo showcase these large groups beautifully.

What is Fiber-Based Photo Paper?

Many photographers seek photo paper with a certain weight and thickness, a smooth finish, and archival quality. Fiber-based photo paper fits the bill.

Scrapbooking Printers

The evolution of printed images and the progression of personal storytelling have culminated in the modern form of scrapbooking we know and love today.

Upscale Photos With AI to Make Stunning Image Blow-Ups

Many Red River Paper users complain that increasing the size of their images often produces a print that’s blocky and blurry. New Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based software is changing that. But first, let’s review some of the basics of image enlargement.

How to Print on Card Stock

There’s a difference between planning a weekly date night and planning a wedding. Likewise, printing a recipe on play 8 1/2" paper and printing your artwork on card stock are very different.

What is Baryta Paper and Why Is it So Popular?

In the intricate realm of photography, the choice of paper is as vital as the camera or lens. The medium can greatly influence the final outcome of an image, adding depth, character, and a unique finish that distinguishes one photograph from another.

How Selfies Conquered My Inner Demons. Part 2

I’ve sometimes been asked why not look into a mirror instead of going to the trouble of posing, shooting an image and then viewing a print,? Wouldn’t that be easier than going through all that time and trouble?  My answer is...

Success on Paper - Sandra Freeman, Artist

In 2007, Sandra Freeman decided to go from art collector to art creator. See how this Dallas native quickly mastered photography, painting, and stitchery — and how Red River Paper has what she needs to bring it all together.

Success on Paper - Sarah Lewis, Watercolor Artist

Although she never intended to start a business, this Maryland watercolor artist specializing in wedding invitations is crushing it with creativity and big thinking. Sarah Lewis is definitely “one to watch”! See how Red River Paper helps Sarah marry art and commerce.

Shooting Environmental Portraits: Back to Basics

An environmental portrait ties your subjects to their occupations or interests while focusing on direct eye contact that mirrors the soul of the subject and defines them in a unique visual context

Tricks, Hacks, Super Apps and More

Summer is upon us once again and here are some tips and product snippets to help you get back into the swing of things. Let's talk mice, monitors, ink, light, calibration and more.

Josef Hoflehner: Images of Frozen History

Josef Hoflehner, one of the world’s renowned fine arts photographers, journeyed thousands of miles to photograph that penguin where explorers up and left everything as it was

Thoughts on Wilderness and Repentance. Part 2

Andrew Slaton's friend Mike taught him a sensible western knowledge, while Andrew found an attitude of ownership over places much like like a drug addict chasing that initial bliss

Thoughts on Wilderness and Repentance. Part 1

Over many years Andrew Staton, struck by the beauty of nature, has always felt a powerful ally at his side that has kept a watchful eye over him when needed during his National Parks Odyssey

Shoot Snow Scenes For Gorgeous Images

Arthur H. Bleich— Violent winter snow storms are really an invitation for you to shoot some outstanding images. You need to get your camera and yourself outside

Steam Train Thrills in Durango, Colorado

By Ron Wolfe and Will Keener— There’s magic in the old steam trains that first connected America– magic that’s woven into the country’s history. And there’s nothing more thrilling

Photo History: Willi Ruge’s Fall to Fame

A 39-year-old German photographer, with 20 years experience in photography, carried with him a bulky camera and was probably the world’s first parachutist to document his own jump

Shooting Super Images On Your Next Flight-Part 2

By Arthur H. Bleich— You’re in your hard-won window seat and have finished cleaning the window. This a good time to turn off the Autofocus feature on your camera. Set the focus to infinity

Pricey Cameras Don’t Make Better Photos

By Albert Chi— Dentist, "How important is the equipment you buy?" He knew I was a professional photographer but was not expecting the answer I gave him, which was: Not that important

Movie Backdrop Art Will Blow Your Mind!

By Arthur H. Bleich— Comparing painted backdrop art to photographic backgrounds which are used in productions today, they light better and you can interpret the reality

Back to Basics: Photographing Events

By Albert Chi— Winter has officially ended, and a plethora of events are going to take place this spring, summer and fall. Great potential for some great images. Some tips:

Isaac Wright: Stunning Cityscapes From On High

By Arthur H. Bleich— U. S. Army Sgt. Isaac Wright, stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC. he retired and documented cities from tops of buildings, bridges, and other structures with his camera.

Make Spectacular Reflection-Free Framed Prints

By Al Warfield– After you’ve gone to the effort of taking the perfect shot, making the perfect print, and choosing the perfect frame, why spoil your image by framing it under glass?

Favorite Photo Locations: The Oregon Coast

FLASHBACK – Originally posted 2/18 By Laurie Excell Some of the most beautiful coastline in all America is just a short, ninety-minute drive from Portland, Oregon and stretches

Print Greeting and Note Cards for Profit. Part 2

by Christine Pentecost— Creating quality note cards  for sales at retail stores can pay off for you. Just follow my advice and you’ll be on the way. Now let’s go into what customers like

Print Greeting and Note Cards for Profit. Part 1

  by Christine Pentecost— From a modest beginning of selling my cards at local art shows, it now has  grown into supplying thousands of greeting and note cards to retail stores every year.

Posts You May Have Missed This Past Year

It's been a tumultuous year with so much happening, so we’ve picked some great posts for your reading pleasure in case you missed them the first time around. Let's catch up.

New Photo Project Book Really Delivers!

By Albert Chi— Despite its quirky title, this new photo book by Chris Gatcum will introduce you to a plethora of projects, stuff you’ve always wanted to do but never quite figured out how.

Back To Basics: Quick ‘n Easy Print Framing!

By Peter E. Randall— Based on nearly sixty years of experience, I believe there are two major elements to photography. First step, making of an image. Second step, to display the work.

Collect Iconic Photos For Fun and Profit

By Albert Chi— Viewing classic and contemporary photos at auction houses can be a fascinating pastime. Enjoy looking at a range of work from the beginning of photography to the present.

Our National Parks Odyssey: Time Marches On

By Andrew R. Slaton— Open country captures my imagination. First I see, and next, the overwhelming desire arises to wander through it. To explore. To know it. It’s about being & being content.

Kah-Wai Lin: Fine Arts Landscape Images

by Arthur H. Bleich— Five years ago, Dr. Kah-Wai-Lin, 38, changed the course of his life dramatically. From bringing his scientific "mind and methods" to his creative process.

Favorite Photo Places: Carlsbad Caverns, NM

By Lon Shelton & Ron Wolfe— Beneath the prickly pear and cholla cactus of the Chihuahuan desert in southeast New Mexico lies a spectacular treasure. Carlsbad Caverns National Park – a complex of 117 caves including the largest accessible cave chamber on our continent– dazzles visitors with its magnificence, its cathedral-like silence, and the sheer […]

Nikola Olic: Dominates Tall Buildings With A Single Lens!

By Albert Chi— Nikola Olic is a lover of photography– a quintessential “amateur” in the classical sense of the word. He’s free to exercise his artistic vision any way he chooses without restraints of time or client demands. “I was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia,” says Olic, now 47, “and came to the U.S. […]